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Success isn't born
it's built.
Investor Mel is proof that as long as you don’t let anything stop you, success can be yours. Following a life-changing highway crash in 2018, she wrote a Real Estate Investing book that achieved Amazon #1 Best Seller status very early into her launch. With her and her husband having over 19 years of combined experience in real estate investing, property ownership and management, this self-made couple understands the ins and outs of building a business and of acquiring wealth through real estate. In 2019, they won the “Small Business of the Year” Award, in North Bay, and have also recently won the 2020 Canadian Business Award as Leading Experts in Real Estate Investing. 

They are dedicated to helping others create their own financial, time and geographical freedoms. They are both speakers and mentors throughout North America and have helped their mentees use creative and strategic financing to change their lives. Their online presence is impressive, with over 50,000 followers. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube under their user name @investormeldave and on their website at
Melanie Dupuis
Melanie Dupuis, also known as Investor Mel, is an innovative real estate investors who has SOLELY acquired over 100 apartments/24 properties in just a few short years. 

Using creative and successful strategies, she has been able to increase their portfolio significantly without using any of their own money. Melanie impressively has 100% ownership of these properties, which means she keeps 100% of the equity, appreciation, and cash flow.
" The Secret to building a Real Estate portfolion is Using Other People's Money."
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The Accident
The day that truly changed our lives forever, and for better!

It wasn't easy
But we made it.
Sometimes it takes a tragedy to help you see your life clearly. Before we had even met each other, we both had rental properties, and were interested in real estate investments. Together, we wanted to learn more, and see how this “side hustle” could play a larger role in our lives and started working on investments and property management.

But after a serious car accident during a shuttle ride to a Real Estate Investing Conference in Toronto, we had a choice to make. We could either go home and lick our wounds, or continue on to the conference and follow our dream.

Well as you can guess, we decided to go for it and continue on to the conference! We met so many great people in the world of real estate investing that day and it really changed the trajectory of our lives. We were inspired to pursue this business full time, and share with others along the way. If not for that fateful day, we may have never gotten to where we are today!
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